Ling the Second Round Part 2

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Ling the Second Round Part 2

Ling: the Second Round -- follow-up to ?Ling?

There I was nearing checkout time and had no clothes, money or I.D. after my old-flame and reunited lover had cleaned me out while I showered.

?Yes, losing a few clothes, money, and my I.D. was worth the exciting night of sex I?d just shared with sexy xxx sex video download free com Ling,? I thought. She had always been vengeful so I can?t say that I was surprised at her actions. I did know that I had a good chance at getting her to come back for more sex and possibly fulfill one of her strongest fantasies.

First I called down to the concierge and gave instruction to have some casual clothing in my size delivered in a few hours and arranged to keep the room for another night. Second, I phoned a local limousine firm with which I had a previous relationship and a company credit account and left word for my favorite chauffer to call me. Then, I did a little research in the local phone book and made a few calls.

It was nice that I had a good memory as I not only know my main credit card number by memory, I also took a look into Ling?s handbag last evening to get her current address. No phone number was handy but the street address was easy to remember.

The phone rang and it was Tony, the most service oriented chauffer I?d ever had in the city and he was the type who remembered his clients and was always ready to provide outstanding service. I spoke with Tony and told him of arrangements I?d made and he proved ready to assist me and thus the wheels were in motion.

Late that Saturday afternoon, Tony pulled his understated and stretched Jaguar to the curb in front of Ling?s townhouse. Dressed for the part in a professional chauffeur?s uniform and hat, Tony carried a brightly wrapped box with red bow to the door, left it on the step, rang the bell and returned to sit in the car.

As expected Ling came to the door, saw the package and picked it up without evening noticing the car and driver sitting out front. I guess a sexy, large breasted Chinese girl who knows how to dress to kill is used to getting presents on her doorstep.

In about forty-five minutes Ling appeared at the door looking to Tony and the car and began walking out. Tony jumped out and moved to open the back door for Ling. She got in wearing a very short and tight mini-skirt with lace stocking tops showing when she sat down. Ling was well beyond being embarrassed or overly self-conscious about being well dressed, not cheap, but well dressed with feminine power and sexuality. I had taught her these things years before and she had admitted that it had changed her life.

Tony told me later that he had enjoyed watching her in the video monitor as she sat in the luxurious deep leather seat with the short skirt and light cream silk blouse opened low enough to show the lace trim holding her ample breasts. He said that by the time she had read through the note I?d had for her in the car that her nipples were really hard and that it was all she could do to keep from sliding her hand up between her /legs/sexy-legs/">sexy legs to rub her pussy!

As they drove to the next stop Tony reported found the second package, this one in the car. The first package had contained a proposal for the evening and the matching set of lingerie that Ling was now wearing underneath the black mini-skirt and silk blouse. This second box contained a DVD with a note that said to have the driver play it for her on the in-car vid-setup. 

Ling handed the DVD to Tony and he put it on the screens in the back. As Ling watched her arousal began to grow. First she had gotten turned on by the note I had written which briefly described the sex we?d had the night before and hinted at what might be to come later tonight. The note said that soon she?d be seeing some of the things that might happen to her.

As the DVD played, Ling began to have real trouble keeping a calm demeanor. She was watching a lovely Brazilian woman with an incredible ass and long curly black hair make love to a petite young blue-eyed blonde girl. In the scene I?d told Tony to play, the bronze-skinned Braziliana was dressed in nothing but a thong and was seated on a beach towel tenderly kissing and undressing the small blonde who was dressed in a typical school girl uniform. 

Not only did I know that Ling had always been turned on by Latinas taller than herself but she had also liked the thought of making love to an all-American type girl. She?d never liked my idea of her making love to another oriental ? they turned her off for some reason. This scene had both of what she liked and I knew it would make her hot. Tony confirmed to me later that it had done its job as Ling visibly squeezed her thighs together repeatedly while watching and he thought that she may have even had an orgasm.

Next stop was at a salon and was the make it or break it point. If Ling went through with the plan for this stop then the evening would certainly be a success. I had arranged for her to not only get a standard bikini wax but to have her entire pussy professionally shaved as smooth as is possible. When we had been together a decade earlier she had always found a shaved pussy to be sexy when I described situations to her. Now I would find out if she was turned on enough go through with having her own pussy shaved. My only regret was that I wouldn?t be there to watch but, I had other things to do.

While Ling was in the salon, Tony gave me a call to say that all was going well and that she had not come back out right away. I was busy finding a suitable partner to bring Ling?s lesbian fantasies to fruition. 

Escort services are like the worst used car salesman, they seemed to happily tell you anything to get you to buy. I had a very specific description for the lady I?d like to join us for the evening: at least five-foot and six-inches tall with long dark hair and brown to bronze skin and of Latin extraction with an accent being a plus.

Every one of the people I phoned claimed to have such a person ready to go but with persistent questioning I determined that they would describe a red-headed fair-skinned girl with a tan as being Latin-looking if it got the booking. So, after finding what seemed to be three different girls who might match my needs, I arranged for each to come by the hotel for a preview. One was happy to come at no charge and the other two only wanted cab fair and twenty-five bucks as long as it was just a pre-view.

While Ling was having her pussy shaved at the salon, and no doubt having a few orgasms, I was interviewing high-class call girls in my hotel suite and being thankful that the hotel was happy to advance a known customer some serious cash.

Everything worked out well on my end as the first girl was perfect: tall, long black curly hair, great skin and she looked fabulous in high heals and a formal dress. The other two women were nice but not quite tall enough to really stand in dominance over Ling which is what I suspected she really liked.

Lucia was the name she gave and we settled the bill for the next eight or so hours in advance and discussed in detail our plans to give Ling a wonderful night. Lucia had come dressed formally as I had asked and wore the most appealing dark red lipstick. Being a professional, Lucia simply oozed sexuality even when conducting business. 

Before I knew it, and with no prompting from me, this gorgeous Latina was kneeling before me and pulling my cock out of my slacks and licking and stroking me to full attention.

?We might as well make sure that you are ready to go for tonight. We don?t want you to come as soon as you see me kiss your pretty Ling,? she said with a devilish grin looking up from my glistening cock.

?I surrender to your expertise,? I replied as I relaxed leaning back and enjoying her sexy lips moving up and down my cock.

It was long before I was shooting my come in Lucia?s mouth and just after the phone rang with Tony telling me that he was on the way to the hotel with a glowing Ling in the back seat. I asked him to tell her that she would be joining me in my suite for in-room dining. 

Lucia and I had already planned our moves and thus she retired to the bedroom and closed the door as I awaited Ling?s arrival ? freshly shaven pussy encased in delicate lingerie and a great appetite for sex.

When Ling came to the door and entered the room, there was no mention of her taking off with my things, she just pitched my wallet onto the chair and smiled with a /sweet/">sweet and guilty look. I stepped forward and hugged her tightly running my hands down to her ass and rubbed her cheeks firmly.

As we began kissing passionately I slid my hand under her skirt and panties across her very hot, wet, and smooth pussy. Ling began to shake and shudder and enjoyed an orgasm right at that moment. The stimulation of being shaved by a stranger in a salon had her on the edge of bliss but she had held it until that moment when we kissed and I touched her hairless pussy for the /first-time/">first time.

To show Ling how much I appreciated the clean shaven pussy, I pushed her back against the arm of the sofa and kneeled before her. I pulled her black lacy panties down, shoved her skirt up to her waist, and moved my lips toward her lower lips and began kissing her with intensity. She moaned as my tongue extending into her newly bald slit. I licked and kissed her pussy alternating nibbling on her clit with long strokes of my tongue on, and inside, her swollen lips. (If women knew how much more they?d get /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex with a bald pussy, at least from many of us, they?d shave everyday!)

After giving Ling a good licking, I stood up and kissed her with her natural lubricant covering my mouth. After we kissed for a moment, I whispered in her ear that this wasn?t the only pussy she would get to taste tonight.

Dinner came and we dined on great food and enjoyed a wonderful wine. Knowing that I love dessert, Ling asked ?What do you have planned now?? as nothing had been served. She couldn?t have set me up any better!

?Open the door to the bedroom and you?ll find our dessert,? I said with a wry smile.

I?m sure she was thinking of chocolates and strawberries or some other love friendly food and I was certain that a relatively tall, /sensual/">sensual Latina dressed wearing beautiful silver formal was not what she expected to find.

The lights were low in the bedroom with just a corner lamp, a picture light, and several candles illuminating the large well appointed room. Soft music was playing and diagonally across the bed laid a lovely woman on her side in a shimmering silver dress. The bottom was slit all the way to mid-thigh and was lying open in the front showcasing two lovely long legs encased in white stockings with lace tops attached to lace garters.

Lucia?s head was propped up on her hand, elbow resting on the soft bed, and her long mass of curly hair was laid out around her head making a dark frame for her pretty face and sensual eyes and lips. 

I stood behind Ling as she took all of this unexpected sight in and processed the scene in her mind. Gently I nudged her into the room at which point Lucia moved from her carefully arranged pose and stood to sexxxx video ful hd greet us.

Walking forward toward Ling, her accented voice said: ?Hello Ling, I?m Lucia. Jack told me how beautiful you were and he was not exaggerating I?m pleased to see.?