My first time gay first timer

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
My first time gay first timer

 I had just turned 18 and my parents went away for the month of july and i wanted to stay home and they said "yes." So I decided to go out for the night and just walk around where i live. I went on the beach and just walked along the water and then i saw this guy just sitting on the sand so i walked up to him.

I asked him whats up and why he was just sitting on the beach. He answered me by saying "nothing much just watching the waves crash, what about you." i said "My parents just went away so i decided to go for a walk." He asked me if he wanted to hang out and so i said yea.
We started to walk around the city but then we got in front of a bar. He asked me "Do wwwxxx you want to get a couple of drinks on me." i told him i was only 18 but then i said. "I got bear and stuff at my house if you want to come over for a little bit." he agreed so we walked back to my house for a couple of drinks.

We got back to my place so i asked him if he wanted a Coors or Mike's lemonade. He took the Mike and so did I and we had about 3 each. After we finished our third it got really quiet and then he started to lean in. he grabbed my head (i mean the one with the face.)and we started to make out for a few seconds and then i pushed him off.

"I don't know if your drunk or something but i am not gay." i told him then he replied with. "Relay i mean you took me your house and your telling me you never did anything gay." I thought about somethings i did before. "Yea i cross-dress sometimes i even have a pair of breast forms." "Well how about you put on a little outfit for me." I went in the a hallway wear most of the rooms were and got my breast forms and then crossed the hall to my moms room.

Then I put on my moms Lingerie with my double D breast forms and put make up so i looked like a decent girl and since my hair was kinda long i didn't need a wig. I Walked out with high heels on and then got in front of him while he was sitting on the couch and i did a little spin for him. "i like it you look very sexy." he said to me then he signaled me to sit on his lap. I hesitated for a second but then sat down. i then said "thank you very much."

I then started to make out with him his tongue felt very soft. He then started to feel up my /fake/fake-breast/">fake breast and i felt him starting to get and /erection/">erection so i started to rob it. He moved my hand then unzipped his pants and pulled out his 9in dick i got up real quick and pulled of his pants and /underwear/">underwear.

I then took off me bra and started to blow i could get about 6in down. He stopped me after about 30 seconds and then took off my panties. Then he bent me over and started to /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard. We then went into missionary passion and then he took his dick laid on the ground and i went up and the wwwxxx down on his dick.

He then told me to get on my knees and then i started to suck his dick. After about ten seconds he let a huge load and only a little went in my mouth so i started to lick some of it off me face. Then i whipped the rest off and then asked him if he wanted to stay. He said yes but a night turned into the rest of the month.

We slept in my parents bed and i crossdressed every day. We also fucked everyday.