a good time at the beach

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a good time at the beach

It was just your particular weekend in July. Matter of fact it was the forth of July weekend. I had gone to the beach with my friends and their girlfriends. I had broken up with my girlfriend a few weeks prior, so I went to the beach alone. At this moment in time, I didnt have any particular interest in /women/">women; mainly my ex-girlfriend left me for another woman.

So my main reason for going to the beach was to have fun and to get shit faced. After all of us had checked into our rooms at the hotel, we changed into our bathing suits and headed to the beach. An hour after being on the beach, I saw a child building a sand castle and being the great artist that I am, I quickly made friends with the young boy. Together, we built a quite large sandcastle.

When we had finished, we had drawn fairly a large crowd, along with my friends. Bob, my /friend/best-friend/">best friend, said to me as he stood beside me, admiring the work that my young friend and myself and strenuously through. You just cant do anything half way, can you? He grinned. Never. I replied. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my young friend, leading a lady by the hand, towards the monstrous sculpture.

Mom, youve got to see this! He exclaimed excitedly. Slow down, Billy. The woman said to Billy. Its not going anywhere. I looked at Billys mother and I was startled to see that she was a knock out. She looked to be about five foot seven and had a body of a /model/">model. Her hair was medium brown that came down to the middle of her back. But the thing that caught my attention was her eyes, they were bright green.

I came back to my senses as I say Billy pointing towards me. Both mother and /son/">son started over to me. I felt my prick jump in my shorts. When they got over to me, Billy introduced me to her. Nice to meet you Chuck, Im Julie. The woman said. After some small talk, Julie stated that they had to head back to their hotel room, she was meeting a friend for dinner. Smiling, I said to her, Ill see you later. You just might.

She replied with a smile as she took Billy by the hand and headed towards the beaches parking lot. I watched them until I couldnt see them anymore, then turned around and walked slowly towards my group. I spent the rest of the day hitting the bottle; well I guess I should say the cup. I sat in my beach chair, sipping on my rum and coke, dreaming about making love to Julie. I didnt want just a fuck with her; I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Im never been the one to believe in love at first sight, but I couldnt keep my mind off of her.

Chuck. Huh. I came out of dreamland.

Chuck, were going back to the hotel now. My friend said to me. Standing up, I helped load the cars up, but then I changed my mind about going back to the hotel. I think Ill stay a little while longer. I told my friends. Come on Chuck. Bob said. Going to the club wont be the same. Im going. I told him. I just need to be alone for a while. Closing the trunk of my car, Meredith came up to me and asked me, Are you okay? Yeah, Im okay. I replied. You sure?

Yes, Im sure.. I said. I just need a little time to myself.

You know, you can always came to me when you need to talk. Meredith said as she placed a hand on my shoulder.

Thanks. I replied, smiling. Good friends are hard to find. My friends take off to return to the hotel as I head back to the beach. With the sun beginning to set on the horizon, I pulled my tee shirt on and walked down the beach. It seemed only a few minutes of walking, when I stopped and turned around. I had walked so far down the beach, that I couldnt see the area of the beach where I had started.

The sun had slipped past the horizon and night was starting to set in. I looked around at my surroundings. This part of the beach looked as if no one had ever been there for years. The only foot prints in the sand that I could see, was my own. Thats when I heard a noise coming from the bushes. It sounded like a woman crying out with pleasure. My curiosity got the best of me, so I went to find out what was going on. Just off of the sand area, I found to my /surprise/">surprise, Julie was lying on her back with a blonde hair womans head in between her legs.

Julies head was thrashing from side to side as another orgasm hit her. I could see that Julie was pulling the other womans hair while having what seemed to be a very intense orgasm. I was shocked and pissed off at the same time. Here was a woman, who I thought I was in love with and it turns out that she is a lesbian. Upset, I turned around to leave and I heard Julie call out my name. Chuck!

I turned around to see Julie running up to me. Her breasts were small and completely tanned. She grabs my hand and leads me back to the blanket where her lover was laying. I stood, just off of the blanket as Julie laid back down next to her friend. Julie looks at her lover and they both begin to giggle. Here I was, standing there, feeling like a complete fool. It felt like I was the blunt end of a lesbian joke.

You know the one. Size doesnt matter to a lesbian. Well I moved to leave, my feelings were banged up more than what my ex had done, when the blond stood up and came over to me. Her breasts were slightly larger than Julies, but I found out that they were firm when she pressed them against me as she kissed me on the lips. My head began to spin as I felt another warm body pressing against my back.

A soft pair of hands turned my head as I found myself kissing Julie on the lips. I couldnt believe it. I had two women in my arms, Beautiful and naked at that. Julie kissed me on the check and she with Cindy, lead me on to the blanket. Cindy lifted my tee shirt over my head and I heard her gasp. My god! Cindy exclaimed. Hes built! Hes built down here, too! I heard Julie say as I felt my shorts being pulled down. I blushed.

Ive always considered myself to be on the small side, but the comment that Julie said told me that these two very beautiful women were only bi-sexual, not lesbians. Cindy tosses my shirt on to the pile of cloths on the edge of the blanket. She turns her attention back to me and we began to kiss again as I feel Julie pumping my hardening member with her hands. Lowering my head, I take one of Cindys nipples in my lips and gently suck on it.

She arches her back as she holds my head to her, urging me to continue. Her moans get the attention of Julie, for I hear her say, How does it feel? Oh! So wonderful! Cindy moans as I move over to the other one. He very talented with his lips and tongue. Cindy moans again as she runs her fingers through my hair. At that moment, I felt a pulse of pleasure flow from my very /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock, through out my entire body.

Julie had wrapped her lips around my cock and was proceeding to give me the sweetest blowjob that I have ever had. After a few minutes of this intense feeling, I felt my knees weakening. Julie and Cindy noticed this and helped me down to the blanket. Once I was lying on my back, Cindy goes down on me, while Julie offers me her breast.

Her nipples, slightly larger than Cindys, were very hard from the attention that I was giving them. She moaned as I took one after another in my eager mouth. For what seemed like a long time, we went on and on until Cindy mounted me. She tightened her wall muscles as she lifted herself off of me. Then proceeded to lower herself back down. Julie moved over to her as I watched her as she sucked and massaged Cindys breast.

Watching them kiss was the most erotic thing that I have ever seen. My cock expanded more and I guess Cindy must have felt it, for her eyes widened. She must have thought that I had come inside of her. She got off of me and had that look of disappointment on her face. He came. She replied. No I didnt. I said, my head was still spinning. But I felt you get big in me. I havent come, yet. I said with a big smile on my face.

The two of you kissing got me excited, But I havent came yet. Hmmm. Julie smiled and then kissed Cindy again. After kissing Cindy, Julie said, Now its my turn. Now let me tell you, Cindy might have had porn videos download the ability to contract her muscles, but Julie was naturally tight. I had to stop her several times or I would have had shot my cum inside of her. I could tell that Cindy was feeling left out, so I motioned her to me.

Between moans, I asked her if she wanted me to please her. The next thing I knew, she had her pussy in my face as I was sucking on her clit with everything I had. really dont know xxx how long we went at it, the fact is, and I really didnt care. Cindy and Julie switched places several times before Julie wanted me to come inside of her.

Julie rolled off of me as I got on top of her. I held myself up with my hands so I could place my cock inside of her. But, Julie pulled me down to her, not letting me have a chance. Julie wrapped her arms around my neck as her legs went around my waist. I felt Cindys hands help guide me inside of Julie and I slid in effortlessly. I was all of the way inside of her, Julie let out a happy sigh.

My hips moved, forcing myself in and out of her. The friction created was building the pressure up in my testicles. I didnt want to come too quickly, but Cindy wasnt helping very much. She had stayed behind us and was using her tongue on Julie and I. I felt her tongue licking my testicles and every now and then she would slip a finger inside of Julie along with my cock.

But what did me in was when Cindy stuck her tongue in my ass. It was an intense event. I felt it slip in and the next thing, well all I knew was I was violently shaking as I shot hard into Julie. Julie started to have an orgasm right after I had started to cum. The whole time while I was cumming, Cindy kept tonguing my ass. Completely drained, I collapsed next to Julie. Cindy crawled up to us as I pulled Julie to me.

Not wanting to leave Cindy out, I invited her to lie next to me. Both of these incredible women snuggled up to me as I noticed that up in the sky the moon was directly overhead. I never did make it to the club that night. I didnt make it back to my room. As Chuck finished his story, I was beginning to wonder if he was giving me some line of bull when two women walked into the room.

Chuck got off of the couch, went over to them and gave each one of them a very passionate kiss. He then led them over to the couch where he sat down in between them. At that moment, I noticed that he was wearing two gold rings, one on each ring finger. I began to feel a little uneasy when I saw that Julie and Cindy, both had two gold rings on the same fingers. Julie was the one that spoke up, after I had questioned them about it.

Julie stated, Chuck and I are legally married, but we wanted Cindy in our lives, so the rings on our right hands, show that we belong and will remain faithful to her.

Cindy, then spoke up. These rings, she held her hands up mean that I belong to Julie and Chuck and Ill remain faithful and I will always love them.

I continued the interview with the three of them and one of the questions that I did ask was; How does Billy feel about this arrangement?

He loves it. Julie replied. He loves having a father around, who loves him as if he was his own. Julie squeezes Chucks leg. And he told me that he likes having two mommies around.

Are there any more children around? I asked. No, just Billy. Julie answered.

I would nt say that. Cindy replied. I watched Chuck and Julies expressions as excitement came to their faces. You mean Chuck said with a big grin on his face.

You re /pregnant/">pregnant! Cindy squeals with delight as both Chuck and Julie hug her.

And right before my eyes (plus they forgot that I was still there), they started going at it and I turned off my recorder and let myself out the door.