School reunion

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School reunion

Sophie had been unsure about attending her school reunion, but as she let herself into her hotel room she had to admit that she”d had a great time. She had drunk just enough to reduce her inhibitions, but not so much that she had completely lost her judgement.

The flirting had been fun but largely innocent. That is, until right at the end of the night. She had spent a fair bit of time chatting to Dave and Helen, both old school mates who had ended up married. As they chatted there was a lot of innuendo and occasional physical contact, although nothing beyond a feasibly innocent pat on the leg.

Over the course of the evening she had danced with a few different people, but when it came to time for the slower stuff she ended up sitting on her own watching others get up close and personal. As she watched she wondered how many of them would regret what they were doing in the morning. She was roused from her contemplations by a tap on the shoulder from Dave, who offered her a dance. Helen nodded her assent when Sophie looked at her, so she allowed him to lead her by the hand onto the dance floor.

She wasn't really sure what the etiquette was for smooching with a friend's husband while she watched, so she tried to keep a respectable distance between them. Dave apparently had other ideas however, and he pulled her tight against him. She was shocked to feel his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock pressing against her belly. Worse still, his hands started to wander lower down her back until they were groping her buttocks. She shot a worried glance across to where Helen was sitting, and was a little surprised to receive a smile and a wink to her questioning look.

Slightly less worried now, she relaxed slightly and started to enjoy the sensation of his /erection/">erection pressing into her, and his hands gripping and stroking her /tight/sexy-tight/">sexy tight arse. In fact she was starting to enjoy it so much that she was sorry when the song ended, and she saw Helen walking towards them. She had presumed Helen was coming to steal Dave from her, but in fact she was there to steal her from Dave, and before she had time to really think about what was happening, she was in her arms and dancing slowly. She felt Helen's breath hot on her cheek, and then heard her whispering into her ear ”Did you enjoy your dance with Dave?”. Sophie told her that she had and started to explain that she was sorry if she had done anything wrong. Helen reassured her that it was fine, then reinforced her assurance with a kiss full on the lips. It didn't last long, but it was very soft, delicate and /sensual/">sensual.

Sophie was completely taken aback. Another woman had just kissed her. That was just wrong. Yet the way her body was feeling told her it wasn't. She could feel her nipples hardening, and the tingling sensation starting between her legs. As she was coming to terms with this, Helen followed her husband's lead and pulled Sophie tight against her. They were both around the same height, so Sophie could feel Helen's breasts pressing against hers, as her fingers traced up and down the part of her back exposed by her little black dress.

All too soon the song came to an end, and the lights came on to signal the end of the evening. Sophie walked back to the table with Helen in a complete daze. ”Right, off to bed then” said Dave. Sophie felt a momentary panic. Was that an invitation? If so, what would be expected of her?

They wandered off to the lift together, and got off on the same floor. ”Right, see you in the morning” said Helen, and gave Sophie another kiss, only this time longer and more passionate. ”Good night” she said, as Dave moved in for his kiss, once more pressing his cock against her.

Once in her room, she didn't know whether she free porn movies download was relieved or disappointed to not have been invited back to Dave and Helen's room. She did know that she felt totally turned on. As she unzipped her little black dress and let it drop to the floor, she smiled ironically at the theme of the room she had been allocated. The Playboy decor certainly suited her mood.

Standing there in just her /underwear/">underwear, she started at the top of her legs and let her hands wander slowly up her body, until they were cupping her breasts. She squeezed gently, enjoying the sensation, before reaching behind her back to undo the bra. As it fell away she returned her hands to her breasts, this time tweaking her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. As her nipples became harder, her breathing became heavier. Without stopping what she was doing Sophie walked over to the bed and sat down on the end of it.

She now moved her hands slowly down over her abs, and eased them into her panties. Laying back on the bed, she raised her hips off the bed and slid the panties down her legs. As she kicked them off, she decided to leave her stockings on, and ran her fingers up the inside of her thighs, loving the feeling as she reached the bare flesh at the top of her legs.

She now eased herself up the bed so that she was laid out fully on it. As her hands returned to her breasts, her memory returned to the two dances she had enjoyed at the end of the evening. She thought of Dave's cock pressing against her, and wondered how he would have responded if she had reached down to feel it through his trousers. Then she recalled the feeling of Helen's tits pressing against hers, and imagined how that would have felt if they had both been naked.

And what if they had invited her back to their room? She imagined watching Helen undo Dave's trousers before easing his cock out over the top of his boxers, and then inviting Sophie over to touch him. As she thought of wrapping her fingers round his hard shaft, one of her hands strayed down between her legs and started to tease her clit. She pictured Helen undressing while she watched Sophie play with her husband, and then undressing her as well.

Her imagination was now so fevered she could almost feel Helen's mouth taking one of her breasts inside as her tongue teased at the nipple. She involuntarily increased the pressure she was exerting on her own nipples as the image burned itself in her mind. In her imagination she was now wanking Dave while he slid his fingers inside her and Helen continued sucking her breasts. In /reality/">reality she had now slipped her own fingers inside her pussy and was rapidly sliding them in and out.

She now brought her other hand down full hd xvideo download between her legs and stroked her clit as she continued to finger fuck herself. As the tension started to build inside her she could feel her wetness starting to drip out of her onto her hand and thighs. Her imagination had now completely given up any final traces of restraint, and she was now giving Dave a blow job and fingering Helen, while both of them played with her.

With a loud groan she arched her back as her body went into spasm with the intensity of her orgasm. The /climax/">climax kept on coming and coming as her fingers kept working on pleasuring her pussy. Finally she slumped down on the bed, totally exhausted and feeling a strange mixture of pleasurable satisfaction and self doubt. As she lay there she wondered whether the reality would have been as good as the imagined.