Another Friday Night

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Another Friday Night

I paced around the room; frustrated that Alyson was late as usual. She was supposed to have arrived thirty minutes ago. We had planned to have dinner tonight, and she swore she would be here on time. I stopped my pacing and sat down on the couch. My anger dissipated quickly, and my thoughts began to stray towards Alyson’s ’better moments’, namely her acts of extreme pleasure she performed upon me.

These thoughts began to get me aroused, and I could feel my nipples hardening underneath my black satin bra and my pussy begin to wet in my panties. On further thoughts of Alyson’s body, I unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped my zipper, then shoved my hand down into my panties. Thoughts of her perfect balanced breasts and light pink pussy filled my mind. I began to finger myself, pleasure lancing through my body as my other hand began to unbutton my shirt.

I began to moan slightly as the makings of an orgasm began to hit me. I finally got my shirt off just as I hit my peak and pulled my finger out of my pussy. I took the time to unclasp my bra, the cold air of the room exciting my nipples. I then pulled off my jeans went back at it. Slowly rubbing my cunt back and forth and then in gently circles, I let out a pleasurful moan as another orgasm came over me and made my body jerk upwards abruptly. After my orgasm waned, I shoved my finger into my hole and began working it in and out, slowly. I was writhing in pleasure as my panties came down around my ankles and off entirely. 

Just then Alyson opened the door and walked in. I gasped and quickly pulled my finger from my throbbing quim. Alyson looked over at me and gave me a look of uncertainty that seemed to have nothing to do with the situation. She pulled off her heavy coat and set her bag down on the floor. Then she did something unexpected’
’I see you’ve started without me,’ she said ruefully. 
I smiled and said, ’Well, you are forty minutes late. I was gonna call you but decided to just wait.’

She came over and pulled the pin out of her brown hair and it dropped from the bun on her head in a dazzling motion. She then proceeded to pull off her shirt, revealing that she was wearing no bra underneath. Her aforementioned breasts were perfectly shaped, adorned with the cutest pink nipples.

Her skirt came off next, sliding down her slim tan legs with ease. She then pulled off her white lace panties, showing a beautiful clean shaved pussy. She came over and sat on the couch next to me. I sat up and ran my hand over her breasts. I felt her nipples harden at my touch, and she let out an audible bokep sma pecah perawan intake of air in unexpected pleasure. I kissed her on her lips and worked my tongue around in her mouth. I then worked my way down her neck, feeling her warm body quiver with excitement. My mouth eventually found her left nipple, and I gathered it greedily in between my lips. I licked at it like it was the only thing keeping me sane.

She began to smile and moan a bit with the pleasure. I sucked on her breasts until I though she might burst before running my mouth a bit lower. Alyson instinctually lay back on the couch as I ran my tongue down across her stomach. She giggled as I slowly worked my way lower. I was teasing her and she knew it. I finally arrived at my destination and ran my tongue on the inside of her tanned legs. 
She started to get restless and I averted my focus to her soaking cunt. The instant my tongue touched her quim she began to moan. I licked at her clit and ran my finger in her hole. She shuddered and started to moan louder. I sucked at her pussy lips and ran my tongue up and down her burning clit. She started to run her hands through my hair and pressed my tongue harder against her pussy. And so it went on that way for another few minutes until I had her screaming. She could not take much more, but I kept going. My god it tasted so good.

In between pants she was screaming, ’Ohh yeah’ Oh God yes’ Ohh’ Keep going’ Oh I love you, Sable’ Ohh’’

I kept my tongue moving across her cunt, both hands now occupied with her breasts. I was now licking and sucking my way around old waman xxxgx her hole as she was fingering her clit herself. She was quivering and screaming and kicking so much that I though she might be in a seizure. She was still yelling my name and praising the lord for what I was doing to her. I was so entranced at her moaning and screaming that I brought my own hand down and began to finger my own cunt. Pleasure lanced through my body like a tidal wave and kept recurring over and over until I too was moaning.

After several more minutes of this, I pulled my face away from her gushing pussy and let her finger herself now. I sat down beside her as she continued and kept fingering myself. But she then did something I wasn’t expecting. She reached over and thrust three fingers into my own quivering quim. I screamed at this sudden pleasure and let her work her fingers in and out. She went at it for about a minute before getting up and going into the kitchen to grab something. I got up and followed. There she opened my refrigerator and pulled out a cucumber. I watched in admirable astonishment as she pulled herself up onto my counter and shoved the vegetable into her hole! The cucumber had to be two inches in diameter at least, and she was screaming after just thirty seconds of it. I sat on the cold linoleum and began to finger myself and moan in pleasure. After a minute or so, Alyson came down and sat beside me. I noticed she no longer had the cucumber. She was soaked with sweat and was flushed a deep red color. I pulled my finger out of my quim and began gently caressing her beautiful breasts. She brought her hand down and softly ran her fingers over my clit. We sat there on the floor kissing each other and fingering each other and rubbing each other into orgasms.

’Oh Sable, this is just great,’ she said after her third orgasm in twenty minutes. She pulled herself off of the floor and helped me up. She then led me into my bedroom and laid me down on the soft cotton sheets. I pulled myself up onto the bed the rest of the way and watched as she climbed onto the bed and came over to me. She put her pussy up to my own and, with our legs entwined together, began to rub our quims together. I rubbed my fingers over her clit and she did likewise to me.

We both began to moan in pleasure. I pulled her close to me, and as we continued to mash our hot cunts together, I began to suck on her nipples. Erect in my mouth, I could feel them throb involuntarily under the pleasure. We went at it for five minutes until we were full to burst. We were screaming so loudly the people in the upstairs apartment began to bang on the floor yelling, ’go get a hotel room, /slut/dirty-sluts/">dirty sluts!’

True, I felt like a complete slut, but I didn’t care. It all felt so good. After we were done, we lay in my bed softly caressing each other’s breasts and slowly rubbing our clits until we fell asleep. My last thoughts before succumbing to deep slumber was, ’whew’ my God, just another Friday night’’