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Ordering food online vs preparing in kitchen
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Definitely, ordering food online is easier than preparing food in kitchen. But, preparing food itself is different fun. We like to serve homemade food to the people who are close…

Independence Day means freedom of shopping as well

Independence Day means celebrating freedom to the fullest. Independence Day is the festive fervor that enthralls us. A lot of things are done on this day including flag hosting, distributing…

Treat Your Sister with Online Food Ordering this RakshaBandhan

  RakshaBandhan is celebrated as a sacred festival in India which strengthens the bond between brothers and sisters. Sister ties thread around their brother’s wrist and get gifts in turn….

Importance of festivals and gifts in our life
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Imagine, how boring would have been our life if there were no festivals and other occasions like birthdays and anniversary. Every festival has its own importance but they collectively they…